Take 5 with MHP’s Aaron Johnson

Take Five is MHP’s series that asks the same five questions of a variety of people intersecting with MHP, from staff to housing advocates! We are excited to welcome Community Development Associate Aaron Johnson.

Aaron Johnson

Q1. Who are you?

Aaron Johnson (he/him), Community Development Associate

Q2. What attracted you to working with MHP?

MHP’s mission of providing affordable and equitable housing is aligned with my own values and vision for the world. I believe housing is a human right and a pillar of thriving communities, so I’m energized by MHP’s commitment to these issues, and to centering those who have been most impacted by economic and racial disparities. I was also drawn to the systems change approach that MHP takes to this work. Given the many facets of these issues, it will take an equally comprehensive approach that combines the areas that MHP works in, such as research, advocacy, and community development.

Q3. What’s a challenge in the field of housing right now?

The complexity of housing – on economic, cultural, and political levels – makes it difficult for many folks to know where and how to enact effective, positive change. Through education, capacity-building, and the creation of local networks (such as through the Institute model), the “how” and “why” of the issues facing our communities will become clearer, as will actions to help solve their unique challenges.

Q4. Is there a book by your bed, and what is it?

Yes! I am currently reading Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi and All About Love by bell hooks. Next up is the Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs.

Q5. Who is your superhero? 

My grandparents. They are and were extremely hard workers, dedicated to music, family, and their church community, and they created an impactful legacy. I aspire to their level of tenacity, commitment to what they love, and connection to their communities.

Look out for more Take 5 profiles coming soon!