Watch the gap: district profiles show rising housing costs and declining incomes across MN

The growing cost of housing in Minnesota hurts low to moderate income families and the communities they call home. From 2000 to 2014, the statewide median income declined among homeowners and renters, but housing costs increased, creating a housing cost burden for 1 in 3 Minnesota households.

MHP’s 2016 Legislative District Profiles, released last week, document these trends using data specific to each legislative district, economic development regions, and the state. The profiles are created to accommodate busy schedules of housing advocates and local governments by providing a comprehensive yet concise overview of state housing trends, focusing on housing affordability, wages, the rental market, the homeownership market, and homelessness.

Stable, affordable housing is the foundation for building strong families and communities, making the gap between incomes and housing costs a real threat to the viability of Minnesota. Legislators should consider the impact housing affordability has in their districts as they consider bonding and other bills in the current session.