Take Action Now! Call your Member of Congress and Join a Sign-on Letter, to protect Affordable Housing Investments in the “Build Back Better Act.”

President Biden and congressional leaders need to hear from you and from as many members of Congress as possible in support of essential housing investments included in the Build Back Better Act. The proposed $3.5 trillion bill will be, according to news reports, reduced to around $2 trillion, with housing investments at risk.  

The Build Back Better Act included more than $300 billion in funding for new and existing federal housing programs, including public housing, weatherization, housing services, rental assistance, homeownership supports, and investment in the Housing Credit.  

Contact your senators and representatives and urge them to advocate for robust housing investments at the highest levels in the “Build Back Better Act”

Call your US Representative and U.S. Senator today:    


Suggested message:

“My name is ___ and I live/work at ___ . 

I am asking Representative/Senator (your representative) to support robust housing investments at the highest levels in the Build Back Better bill.  Please contact [House or Senate] leadership and the White House and weigh in with your support for robust housing investments in a final bill. Thank you.”

Join our Sign-on Letter by October 14, 9 am, for Housing Investments in the Build Back Better Bill:  

MHP is coordinating a sign-on letter that will be sent to all Minnesota Members of Congress. The letter asks for their support for robust housing investments in a final bill. Please let us know if you will co-sign this important letter by 9 am on Thursday October 14.  

Read the full text of the letter and sign-on here.