Take Action: Make or Break Moment for Federal Housing Investments!

The housing provisions in the Build Back Better Act are at a make or break moment. The collective actions of advocates like you have put housing back in the bill after the funding was nearly eliminated. Now we’re making a final push for one last increase and to ensure the funds are used primarily to get and keep the lowest income people housed. We’re making progress, but we’re not there yet.

If enacted and done right, this could be the most consequential federal housing bill in our lifetimes. Everything we’ve done for the last few weeks, months and years has led to this moment and created this opportunity. It’s now or never. Final decisions may be made this weekend.

Contact your US Representative and U.S. Senators TODAY:   

We are asking advocates to contact their members of Congress to weigh in with the White House and Congressional leadership to urge that any cuts to Build Back Better aren’t made at the expense of getting and keeping people housed. Use the script below to call your members of Congress or use the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s action center to send an email.


Suggested message:

“My name is ___ and I live/work at ___ . 

I am asking Representative/Senator (your representative) to support robust housing investments at the highest levels in the Build Back Better bill.  Please contact [House or Senate] leadership and the White House and weigh in with your support for robust housing investments in a final bill. Thank you.”