Take 5 with MHP’s Rebeka Alemayehu

Rebeka Alemayehu joined MHP earlier this spring as a policy intern through the Capitol Pathways program! Rebeka sat down with us and answered our 5 questions:

Rebeka Alemayehu

Q1. What is your name and title?

My name is Rebeka Alemayehu (She/Her/Hers), and I am a part of the Capital Pathways program and have been chosen to work with the Minnesota Housing Partnership. 

Q2. What attracted you to working with MHP?

Last summer, I was a part of the Urban School program and got the opportunity to Intern at the Ward 9 office last Summer and Fall. One of Ward 9’s top priorities is housing, and during my time interning, I learned more about housing and homelessness. The experience I had during that time was a huge reason why I wanted to work with MHP, and I was so very excited to hear that I got matched back. MHP is all about working to create equitable housing through effective research-based solutions, and I want to be a part of the great change MHP is making in the community. 

Q3. What’s a challenge in the field of housing right now?

One challenge is zoning. There are zoning laws that are hindering more housing from being built. During this session, I got to spend time learning about the “missing middle” bill authored by  Rep. Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski, which is trying to help create more housing.  

Q4. Is there a book by your bed, and what is it?

SA book that I have just started reading is Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City. This book is about the problems low-income renters face in Milwaukee. It is very eye-opening to read stories of people experiencing hardship and evictions.   

Q5. Who is your superhero? 

My Uncle is definitely one of my superheroes. He loves learning about politics and issues in our society and motivates me to do so as well. It’s a tradition to meet up once every couple of weeks and chat about all things politics. 

Look out for more Take 5 profiles coming soon!