To seek Designated Contributions for your Project from contributors to the Minnesota State Housing Tax Credit (SHTC) Contribution Program

 If you are a developer, owner, or administrator of an affordable housing project and would like your project to be listed as seeking Designated Contributions, submit your information below. There is a cap of $11.6 million on the total contributions that will be accepted in 2023. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and contributors must submit their applications by December 8, 2023, to be eligible to receive the tax credit for the 2023 tax year. If contributions are lower than the cap amount, the unused capacity will NOT be carried over to 2024 — so submit your project today!

Learn More about the types of projects and entities that are eligible to receive SHTC Funds.

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    Disclaimer: Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) is providing this Project listing as a public service, and it is available to any developer, owner or administrator that believes the Project they are submitting is eligible to receive SHTC Designated Contributions. MHP reserves the right to reject any submitted material that appears to be incomplete, inappropriate and/or defamatory, and will make best efforts to contact the individual who submits the material to inform them of any such decision.