State Policy: Our Future Starts at Home

Minnesota is stronger when everyone has a home. We have the opportunity to create and save more homes than ever before, improve the condition of homes for thousands, and alleviate housing disparities for the lowest-income families and Minnesotans of color into the future. The result: healthy families, children thriving in school, jobs, and strong, inclusive communities now and for generations to come. Learn more about the Constitutional Amendment here.

2023 State Policy Agenda

Production & Preservation


Proven programs targeted to families facing the greatest barriers and most severe cost burden are grossly underfunded, as are those paving the way to home ownership and wealth-building. MHP urges lawmakers to prioritize:

Housing Infrastructure Bonds (HIB)

$750M to create deeply affordable rental housing and single family homes, and preserve existing subsidized homes and manufactured home parks.

Local Housing Trust Funds (LHTF)

$10M in matching funds for areas to dedicate local revenue to housing. One-pager here.

Challenge Fund

Remove single family zoning for more diverse housing options.


Thousands of Minnesotans in existing subsidized and non-subsidized homes are in jeopardy of losing them in the coming decade. And thousands of aging homes are so energy inefficient that they exacerbate housing cost burden and harm residents with toxins. Priorities are:

General Obligation Bonds (GO)

$100M to ensure public housing residents’ homes are in good condition.


A uniform $0.25 affordable rental home tax rate.

NOAH (Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing)

$100M to help purchase, preserve affordability, and improve quality of these homes, curtailing displacement.

Access & Opportunity

Emergency Rental Assistance

$100M through the Family Housing and Prevention Program (FHPAP) to keep renters in their homes.

Source of Income Protection

Clarify state law so that source of income discrimination encompasses all forms of housing assistance. One-pager here.

Endorse Source of Income Protection here.

Watch MHP’s Source of Income Protection Webinar here.

Letter to the House Housing Committee about SOI, with 24 organizations signed-on here.

Rental Assistance

Invest in “Bring it Home, MN” to ensure low-income households pay no more than 1/3 of income on rent.

Support Agenda

Capacity-Building, Greater MN Workforce Housing Program

• Increase funds to build the capacity of organizations and communities to address housing challenges, including for housing studies. 

• $25M for unsubsidized multifamily projects to support families through the Greater Minnesota Workforce Housing Program.

A Constitutional Amendment for Housing

More information and to get involved, click here.