2024 State of the State’s Housing Profile with Key MN Findings and Trends

On March 14 2024, MHP released the 2024 State of the State’s Housing Profile with Key Minnesota Findings and Trends. This will be followed by profiles of the state’s legislative districts and regions. First produced in 2017, MHP’s State of the State’s Housing bi-yearly report contains statewide housing data providing an important baseline of the housing climate and its impacts on everyday Minnesotans.

When hard-working Minnesotans—from teachers and nurses to firefighters and waitresses—are struggling to keep up with rising housing costs in our community, you know there’s a problem. MHP’s statewide housing research shows that more than a quarter of Minnesota families, including half of all families who rent, pay more than they can afford for housing—and that number is growing.  

MHP’s State of the State’s Housing is used by members of the media and housing advocates to tell a more complete story of Minnesota’s housing challenges. When advocates and lawmakers are armed with this data-based information, we can attack Minnesota’s housing challenges head-on. Please view MHP’s 2024 State Housing Agenda for our recommended housing solutions. Now is the time for Minnesotans to come together and raise our voices for housing! Together, we can make sure our families and future generations of Minnesotans can live and thrive here by making stable housing affordable.