Request for Qualifications

Since 1994, MHP has been providing technical assistance and financial support to increase the housing development capacity of rural communities across the country. MHP specializes in working with rural communities and tribal entities. MHP’s technical assistance strengthens the ability of organizations to build and preserve housing and community assets. From innovative community planning practices to knowledge of complex federal housing programs, our financial and technical expertise benefits national, state and local organizations.

Minnesota Housing Partnership is seeking qualifications from experienced consultants to provide technical assistance services related to affordable housing, homelessness, community development, project financing, performance measurement, fair housing, organizational capacity building and development, and strategic planning. “Technical assistance” is defined as in-the-field experience teaching skills to help solve problems in their areas of specialization.

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In accordance with 2 CFR 200 – “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards,” MHP is providing a description of the technical requirements for the service to be performed, including the range of acceptable characteristics or minimum acceptable standards.

Minnesota Housing Partnership is the recipient of multiple HUD and USDA Technical Assistance awards. The qualifications and subject matter expertise for MHP assignments funded under these awards include statutory, regulatory and technical support that improves the capacity and skills of those local government entities, rural housing development communities, nonprofits and tribal governments requesting TA.

Specific contractor qualifications and experience required to support work plans include:

  • A minimum of three years delivering Technical Assistance; and
  • Consultants must demonstrate expert level skills or competencies in areas such as (but not limited to) securing resources in affordable housing, economic development and organizational management.

HUD Program Objectives

When completing the online application, please keep in mind the following HUD strategic objectives and specify those key staff members with expertise and experience with these topics (more details can be found in the HUD 2018 -2022 Strategic Plan).

  • ADVANCE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Promote economic opportunity by encouraging self-sufficiency and financial stability among HUD-assisted residents.
  • SUPPORT FAIR, SUSTAINABLE HOMEOWNERSHIP AND FINANCIAL VIABILITY: Support homeownership opportunities for creditworthy borrowers, while safeguarding American taxpayers and modernizing our housing finance system.
  • REDUCE HOMELESSNESS: Prevent homelessness whenever possible. Quickly help Americans who become homeless to ensure such experiences are brief and non-recurring.
  • REMOVE LEAD-BASED PAINT HAZARDS AND OTHER HEALTH RISKS FROM HOMES: Protect the health of occupants by addressing lead-based paint and other health and safety hazards in housing.
  • ENHANCE RENTAL ASSISTANCE Enhance and reform our rental assistance programs by providing sustainable models to empower communities to address local affordable housing needs.
  • REDUCE BARRIERS TO AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Identify and incentivize the reduction of barriers to the development of affordable housing.
  • DEVELOP ENVISION CENTERS: Develop a model that provides communities an EnVision Center network that optimizes services to empower households to be self-sufficient.
  • SUPPORT EFFECTIVENESS AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN LONG-TERM DISASTER RECOVERY: Facilitate housing, infrastructure, and economic recovery while ensuring investments mitigate against future disasters and create resilient communities.
  • PROMOTE SECTION 3: Assess, improve, and promote Section 3 to serve more eligible residents.
  • BOLSTER GROWTH IN OPPORTUNITY ZONES: Optimize current HUD programs, policies and grants to bolster Opportunity Zone investments, where program objectives align.

Evaluation Criteria

All RFQ applications received will be reviewed against the following selection criteria:

  • Experience and technical qualifications
  • Specific assignments may require experience with programs such as with HUD formula programs, USDA, NAHASDA, HOME, etc.
  • Availability
  • Rate reasonableness
  • Geographic coverage

In order to comply with HUD’s process for acquiring goods and services, Consultants will be selected in compliance with procurement procedures addressed by the “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards,” codified by 2 CFR 200.317-200.326.

Submission Instructions

Submissions to this RFQ will be accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted at any time. Submission of the application and accompanying material does not guarantee that any individual or organization will receive work. MHP reserves the right to reject any submittals received.

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Accompanying materials include:

Please send a cover letter and any of the available accompanying materials upon submission of application.

  • Letter of interest
  • Biography, resume, or curriculum vitae
  • Work samples
  • Promotional materials


View the full application here, or a PDF version here. Questions? Contact the MHP Community Development Department: commdevops at