Request for Proposals: Consultant to Strengthen Homes for All Coalition

Homes for All, a statewide coalition that advances shared policy initiatives that lead to housing stability for all Minnesotans, is seeking a consultant(s) to assist in coalition building and governance for the coalition to achieve maximum impact. H4A is building on its success, and desires to grow its influence and power to leverage more state legislative investments and policy improvements in affordable housing and ending homelessness. H4A desires to strengthen its current coalition structure and governance, as well as increase participation of new housing stakeholders, and provide an “on-ramp” for all new stakeholders to participate, in order to position it for future growth and increased power, influence and success.

Housing and homelessness have risen to the front pages of news and media and to the top of policy agendas for elected officials at local, state and national levels, including becoming a top issue of the 2020 Presidential campaign. The unprecedented attention on this issue provides both an opportunity and a responsibility to focus energy on building and strengthening our coalition to channel this attention in strategic ways and leverage legislative success for long-term impact.

Download the request for proposals and submission instructions. Proposals will be accepted through Friday, July 19th at 10am.

Questions? Contact Allison Streich at or 952-556-2803 or Anne Mavity at or 651-925-5547.