New Report: Twin Cities’ Residents Sold Out by Accelerating Apartment Property Sales

A new report from the Minnesota Housing Partnership shows Twin Cities residents are being Sold Out of their homes as property buyers “cash in” on a hot market for apartment complexes.

Analyzing data for more than 1,000 apartment property sales in the Twin Cities region over the past decade, Sold Out examines the pace, price, location and impact of apartment property sales across the seven-county metropolitan area. The key take-away: Both population and economic trends are driving a dramatic uptick in sales — and possible widespread displacement through rising rents and tightened tenant requirements.

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“Last year, many of us were outraged when the Crossroads at Penn was sold and the purchaser raised rents, displacing more than 1,000 residents who had created a tight-knit community at the Richfield complex,” said Chip Halbach, Executive Director of the Minnesota Housing Partnership. “In creating Sold Out we wanted to better understand the breadth of the changes occurring in the region’s rental market. What we found confirms what we’re hearing from those being displaced now, and reveals a troubling trajectory that foreshadows a Twin Cities rental market that is unaffordable to so many families across so many communities.”

Major findings of the report include:

“On a daily basis we observe the trends in this report silently displace thousands of renter households who compete to access a shrinking supply of affordable homes, all too often relying on extremely fragile leases and short notice periods that offer no housing stability,” said Eric Hauge, Lead Tenant Organizer at HOME Line. “The investors driving this crisis in the rental market will not stop displacing our neighbors until there are proactive local, regional, and state actions taken to preserve and improve affordable units while protecting renters right to remain in their homes.”

In an increasingly tight rental market defined by rising rents and low vacancies, the loss of apartment properties with historically affordable rent has a devastating effect on many families and communities. According to the Housing Justice Center, “The conversion of the 698 apartments at Crossroads, by itself, offset virtually all of the production of new affordable housing in the metro area in 2014.”

Sold Out is not to condemn investment in the region’s rental housing. It is a call to action to relieve the upward pressure on rents and protect vulnerable populations from displacement. The Twin Cities region cannot afford to sell out thousands of residents.

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