State Comparison Fact Sheet
Affordable housing is vital in preserving Minnesota’s competitive advantage. Minnesota’s affordable housing situation compares unfavorably with its neighboring states. Vacancy rates are lower, rental and homeowner costs are higher and home prices have increased at a faster rate. Affordable housing factors comparing Minnesota to Iowa, Michigan, North and South Dakota, and Wisconsin. 2006. State Comparison Fact Sheet

Housing in Minnesota: An Overview
Provides an overview of housing needs in our communities and outlines several solutions to our affordable housing problem. 2005.
Housing in Minnesota Overview

Housing Burdens in Minnesota
Maps indicating the percentage of moderate income homeowners and renters paying more than 30 percent of their income for housing costs. Divided by legislative district. 2003.
Housing Burdens in Minnesota

Children and Homelessness in Minnesota
We can make ending homelessness a top priority in Minnesota, and understanding the problem is the first step. This report includes up-to-date information on the scale of homelessness in our state - and the impacts on children’s lives. 2004.
Children and Homelessness in Minnesota

Apartment Vacancy Brief: Affordable Housing Crisis Persists
Comparison of increasing vacancy rates to affordable housing stock. Many indicators point to a growing affordability problem despite rising vacancy rates. 2003.
Apartment Vacancy Brief