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Market Watch: The Northland Region

Across the state, the growing ranks of renter households are facing an increasingly challenging housing market with rising rents and declining vacancy rates. Current owners of unsubsidized rental properties have few tools to preserve and improve aging properties to maintain homes for current and future tenants. In this research report published May 2021, Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP), in partnership with Greater Minnesota Housing Fund, tracks key trends in the unsubsidized multi-family rental markets of the Northland (Arrowhead) Region. 

Building on its 2016 "Sold Out" report, MHP launched a new research series, Market Watch, tracking key trends in the unsubsidized multifamily rental markets across the state. Market Watch: Northland Region, the seventh report of the series, analyzes data for 6,449 unsubsidized rental units in properties with four or more units in the Northland Region from the CoStar database.

View a webinar on the Northland Noah report, featuring a report overview from MHP Research Manager Gabriela Norton and a community panel discussion with Daryl Olson of the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO), Pam Kramer of LISC Duluth and Isaac Meyer of KOOTASCA Community Action: here.

Read the full report here.