Changing the Narrative on Housing

A Collaborative Statewide Project

A coalition of organizations across the state collaborated with the Housing Narrative Lab (HNL), a national communications and research hub, in undertaking a narrative change project to reframe how Minnesotans talk about housing. This narrative will inform and persuade lawmakers, nonprofits and businesses, the media, and everyday neighbors about the importance of everyone having a place to call home.

The project ​​began with deep research exploring our underlying values and beliefs, and the words our community currently uses to speak about affordable housing. The research was compiled from statewide listening sessions, followed by focus groups with anonymous participants, and finally an extensive online survey.


Message Guide and Key Findings:


MHP and Housing Narrative Lab hosted a series of four webinars to discuss narrative change, the research process and findings, and how to implement work.

Marisol Bello, Executive Director of the Housing Narrative Lab recently sat down with MHP to create a few video explainers.

Creating Tools for Narrative Change

What narrative change work is happening in MN?