More than $2B for Housing and Homelessness this Legislative Session will Stabilize and Save MN Lives


Landmark 2023-2024 $2B Legislation for Housing and Homelessness will be Life-Changing for Minnesotans throughout the State

As the legislative session ends, MHP is excited to join in celebrating a historic more than $2 billion housing and homelessness investment that creates new opportunities for thousands of Minnesota families to have access to safe, stable homes they can afford. “This landmark legislation is about so much more than housing,” says Anne Mavity, MHP Executive Director, “it will truly transform lives and communities.”

MHP has advocated for transformative housing solutions for decades; we are gratified this legislature has prioritized housing as a top issue. “We convened housing advocates in January 2022 to set a higher bar for the legislature at $2 billion, a level which more closely reflects the real housing needs for Minnesotans, and are thrilled that this goal has been met this biennium,” says Libby Murphy, MHP Director of Policy. “We are beyond grateful to the multitudes of advocates and legislators who worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality.”

The more than $2 billion housing investment will impact Minnesotans at every level of the housing continuum from renters to first-time homebuyers and beyond, and includes $1 billion in appropriations, funds from a metro-wide sales tax, investments in the bonding bill, and health and human services for homelessness prevention and services.

MHP is looking forward to keeping this powerful momentum going, to ensure that ongoing, stable funding for housing will provide a place to call home for Minnesotans in every corner of our state for years to come.