2023-2024 St. Peter High School Build

Project Type: Single-Family
Name of Developer: Habitat for Humanity South Central MN
Developer Point of Contact Name: Sondra Herman
Point of Contact Email: sondra.herman@habitatscmn.org
Contact Phone: 507-388-2081
Project Address: 2112 Nelson Street, St. Peter, MN 56082
Number of Units: 1
Building Type: Single-Family Detached
Owner Type: Home Ownership

Brief Description: This 4-bedroom, single family home, is being constructed in partnership with the St. Peter High School Building Trades program, giving students hands-on, real world, transferable skills in construction/trades. The home will be purchased by a deserving family who will complete 15-20 hours of financial literacy and homeownership education in addition to 200 hours of sweat equity on their own home or other Habitat family home under construction, community volunteer service and volunteer hours with other non-profit partners. Habitat for Humanity of South Central MN serves families with an Average Median Income (AMI) of 40%-80%, impacting those with the most need on the homeownership continuum. 50% of the homeowners and approved applicants since 2021have been BIPOC. Construction costs of this home are expected to reach or exceed $300,000.