Donate to MHP

For more than three decades, MHP has been recognized as a source of expertise, resources, and connections to create homes that are affordable.

The support of our community has been the driving force behind MHP’s effective impact and success in securing policy improvements and investments. It’s the generosity of people like you that’s enabled us to deliver significant research, advocate for and help secure over $2 billion for housing last year, and facilitate community development throughout the state. We are counting on you to help us continue this impactful work. This year, we are still seeking support from contributors like you to raise the remaining $650,000 to fully fund our work and strategies we collaborate on to achieve our vision of strong communities with housing people can afford. Would you donate today?

When hard-working people – from teachers and nurses to firefighters and waitresses – are struggling to keep up with rising housing costs in our community, you know there’s a problem. When everyone, including the people who work in everyday, regular jobs, can afford to live near where they work, our communities are not only better, they’re also stronger. Affordable housing of all kinds is key to thriving communities, attracting good employers, improving the economic wellbeing for families and growing the middle class.

MHP transforms the landscape in which housing happens, promoting concrete solutions to our growing housing problems:

  • Providing a wide range of technical assistance based on hard-won knowledge of systems;
  • Conducting data-based research and analysis which both informs us what works so that everyone, no matter what we look like or how much we make, can have access to housing we can afford;
  • Coordinating evidence-based policy advocacy at regional, state, and federal levels that prioritizes securing resources and implementing equitable policies that expand housing access and opportunity for those who need it most;
  • Strategically building capacity for communities through technical assistance and community development throughout the country.

The bottom line of MHP’s work is to leverage resources to generate housing stability. Making sure people, whether our loved ones or complete strangers, have a safe place to lay their heads at night means our neighborhoods are more vibrant, our communities are more secure and we thrive.

You can be part of that promise.