Local Housing Trust Funds

What is a Local Housing Trust Fund?

Local Housing Trust Funds (LHTF) are established by a local government by dedicating local public revenue for housing. They are a consistent, flexible resource for housing within a local jurisdiction. Trust funds help communities leverage public and private resources and jumpstart projects that draw investment and jobs. LHTFs enable communities to prioritize developments that maximize benefit to the local community. 

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Local Housing Trust Fund Manual

With 80 pages of references, case studies and explainers, the Local Housing Trust Fund Manual for Minnesota provides an in-depth discussion of key decisions local communities will make to establish a Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) — from creating priorities to choosing revenue sources.

Report Updates

MHP has released two publications that provide information on the numerous Minnesota cities and counties that have adopted Local Housing Trust Funds (LHTFs). With Minnesota having adopted a state match program, we have continued to see a steady increase of funds established across the state. These reports include information from MHPs surveys of cities and counties regarding local housing trust funds. 

Webinar Series

To support peer to peer learning, MHP has has released a webinar series detailing sections of the Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) manual.

Introduction to Local Housing Trust Funds

Presentation Slides (PDF): Here

A Guide to Implementation

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Community Engagement

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