APPLY NOW: Establish a Local Housing Trust Fund now with free assistance from MHP!

MHP is offering FREE assistance to rural communities to establish Local Housing Trust Funds. Funds can be used for education on Local Housing Trust Funds, as well as implementation of LHTF programs and community engagement activities.

In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature appropriated $4.8 million to a Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) State Match Program; with $1 million appropriated in a prior year, available funds for the state match program total $5.8 million. In addition, the new programs of Local Affordable Housing Aid and Statewide Affordable Housing Aid, both of which are distributed directly to cities and counties, will consider funds “spent” if they are transferred to a LHTF (if not transferred to a LHTF, funds may be reclaimed by the state if unspent by state deadlines). If you have not yet discussed establishing a LHTF for your community, now is the time, with millions of dollars in state matching funds available! 

Please contact Minnesota Housing for information on applying for LHTF State Match Funds.

Local Housing Trust Fund (LHTF) Training Application

MHP is offering free technical assistance to help eligible rural communities establish Local Housing Trust Funds (LHTFs) to help address local housing needs. Please complete and submit the application form and someone from MHP will contact you shortly.

Rooted in Minnesota but recognized as a leader nationwide, MHP specializes in working with rural communities and tribal entities to strengthen their communities. MHP’s proven track record of financial and technical expertise provides organizations the ability to build and preserve housing and community assets. Since 2010, MHP has received HUD and USDA grants to provide targeted technical assistance. From innovative planning practices to knowledge of complex federal housing programs, our experienced team helps organizations build capacity and overcome impediments to successfully planning and implementing community development projects. 

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