Involuntary Displacement in Minnesota: Patterns, Trends, & Insights

Conversations with Affordable Housing Stakeholders Regarding Extrajudicial Evictions

In 2022, the Minnesota ERASE Campaign initiated a project to evaluate involuntary displacement (extrajudicial evictions) of tenants in Minnesota, working with the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) at the University of Minnesota and HOME Line as research partners. This research publication is titled: The Impact of the COVIC-19 Eviction Moratorium on Landlord-Initiated Displacement Actions.

Then, in early 2024, the ERASE Campaign engaged Minnesota-based community engagement practitioners from Consulting Powers to expand on the 2022 CURA research report. Utilizing qualitative research conducted from late January through early May 2024, this report aims to deepen learning about involuntary displacement in Minnesota and begin to explore potential policy and community solutions.