Advocates and Providers Call for $2 Billion for Housing in 2023 and Housing on the Ballot in 2024.

Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP), along with other housing champions, announces the necessity for transformative investments in housing in the 2023 legislative session. $2 billion in 2023 for housing would be an investment in healthy families, children thriving in school, diverse and inclusive communities, jobs and economic competitiveness. Housing is an essential need, and fundamental to a prosperous community.

With a $17 billion surplus lawmakers have the opportunity to make real progress and reduce housing cost burden, improve the condition of homes, reduce home ownership disparity, and increase stability. In doing so, lawmakers will ensure children and families thrive, workers perform, businesses succeed.

Housing champions are asking for $2 billion in 2023. That includes: $1 billion to create and save homes, which would build new rental and ownership homes for 8,000 families and ensure 10,000 families can remain in their homes. $1 billion to create access and opportunity to housing would ensure over 137,000 families have the rental assistance to afford safe, quality homes and expand homeownership to roughly 5,000 first generation homeowners.

All Minnesota should have a safe, secure place to call home. Minnesotans of color, particularly Black, Latino, and Indigenous, are disproportionately harmed by poor housing quality, inequitable policies, and one of the largest homeownership gaps in the nation. Investing in housing will provide stability, choice in rental for low-income renters, and homeownership and wealth-building opportunities for generations to come. 

“MHP is excited that housing investments are being prioritized, and looks forward to working with the Governor and State legislative leaders to ensure that Minnesota invests in families by investing in housing in 2023.” —Anne Mavity, MHP

Download the 2 Billion in 2023 one-pager (PDF): here

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