CALL NOW: Critical moment for #HousingTaxCredit

The House Taxes Committee has released its proposed omnibus tax bill. It does not include the Housing Tax Credits for Contribution Fund (H.F. 4072 S. Anderson)

Lawmakers need to hear your voice NOW. There is still time to amend the bill in the House Taxes Committee tomorrow, 4/24, and the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, 4/25. By contacting key legislators and voicing your support, you can play a critical role in ensuring that this simple, effective tool makes it across the finish line.

PLEASE CALL the Committee Chairs, Rep. Greg Davids (R-28B) and Rep. Jim Knoblach (R-14B), to voice your support and ask them to include the Housing Tax Credits for Contribution Fund in the omnibus taxes bill.



“Please support the inclusion of the MN Housing Tax Credits for Contribution Fund — HF 4072 authored by Rep. Sara Anderson — in the tax omnibus bill. This program is proven and effective, leveraging $5 from private and federal resources for every dollar invested by the state. This tool encourages business and individuals to invest in housing — and will create thousands of housing units.” 

PLEASE TWEET your thanks to Rep. Sarah Anderson (R-44A), Chief Author. of H.F. 4072, to thank her for her leadership in advancing this needed tool.  

Thanks, @Rep_SAnderson, for your leadership in advancing the #HousingTaxCredit (HF 4072), a proven tool needed in communities across MN!

Questions? Contact Libby Murphy, MHP Deputy Policy Director, at 612-716-9703 or 

Be Part of the Change: Advocate at the Capitol!

As we enter the final weeks of session, we need your help to build momentum for affordable housing legislation, including for our Tax Credits for Contribution Fund (H.F. 4072 | S.F. 3301)! Help us ensure legislators prioritize affordable housing in the omnibus bills and the bonding bill. At this point in session, legislative schedules change minute-to-minute. Look to the MHP homepageTwitter, and Facebook on Fridays to learn when you can accompany the MHP policy team to the Capitol on the following Monday. If you are available to advocate during the specified time period(s), contact Libby Murphy’s cellphone at 612-716-9703 to arrange to meet her at the Capitol Rotunda. Your voice DOES make a difference! 

Photo from left: Libby Murphy, MHP Deputy Policy Director, with Joe Wheeler from SEMMCHRA and Sen. Carla Nelson (R-26) at a hearing for the MN Tax Credit Contribution Fund