*URGENT* Call Legislative Leadership by FRIDAY!

Calls/emails are needed by early Friday morning to get the Governor and legislative leadership to agree on the need for a Special Legislative Session. Specifically, we need them to agree on significant affordable housing, homeless service, and tenant protection policy and funding.

A personalized message about the need to act is always the best. However, if you want to take action quickly, you can also Click here for a customizable email or simply use all or part of Homes for All’s statement on a Special Session:

“Minnesota is facing a severe housing crisis. We have a shortage of affordable housing units, a record-breaking number of evictions, increasing numbers of people experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness, and an ever-growing racial homeownership disparity. With our state’s surplus, we can and must invest in safe, accessible, affordable housing across the continuum. We call on the Minnesota Legislature to have a Special Session to finish the work of this session and ensure all Minnesotans have a place to call home.”

Governor Tim Walz
https://mn.gov/governor/contact/ (the ‘contact the Governor’s office’ webpage form)

Majority Leader
Senator Jeremy R. Miller

Speaker of the House
Representative Melissa Hortman

Thank you for your advocacy!