Call direct to staffers working on federal tax reform!

As MHP has been reporting over the past month, federal tax reform legislation is moving fast — with potentially devastating impacts on affordable housing production in Minnesota and beyond.

According to our partners at the National Low Income Housing Coalition

The Senate will vote as soon as later today on tax reform legislation that puts federal investments in affordable housing at risk of deep cuts.

Call your senators as soon as possible and tell them to vote NO on the disastrous GOP tax reform bill. 

It is critical that your senators hear from you about the impact of the tax bill in your community. If approved, the Senate version could be voted on in the House as soon as Friday and be sent to the president’s desk for his signature.

To make our efforts more effective, the Housing Partnership Network has created this helpful resource providing the direct line to staffers who are working on tax reform for members of Congress.

Click here to find staffers working on tax reform for Minnesota members of Congress and tell them that the final tax reform bill must retain critical tools for affordable housing and community development, including the Housing Credit and Housing Bonds. 

And stay tuned to @followMHP on Twitter for ongoing updates!