Action Alert! Call Leadership to Fast Track Emergency Rental Assistance NOW!

While lawmakers and Minnesota Housing have indicated their interest in fast-tracking emergency rental assistance, through the legislative process, we are still waiting to see a bill. Every day we wait is a day that more Minnesota families face eviction. Please contact legislative leaders to let them know emergency rental assistance is needed NOW to help individuals and families remain housed. 

Lawmakers must do everything to ensure no family is displaced and unhoused, especially in the coldest winter months. The result of inaction is families facing an increased risk of homelessness and harm to health, educational outcomes, work stability, and more. When families are evicted, children’s education is disrupted in the middle of the school year. Individuals can’t focus on work when they are worried about finding shelter. With a $17.5 billion surplus, we have the resources to prevent evictions and keep families stably housed. 

Call and email Legislative Leaders TODAY:

Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman (34B, DFL)



Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (60, DFL)


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Rep Michael Howard (51A, DFL): Chair, Housing Finance & Policy



Senator Lindsey Port (DFL): 55, Chair, Housing and Homelessness


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Call your lawmaker too! Find out who represents you: here

Suggested message:

My name is __ and I live at [___address & city___]. Please fast-track a bill to provide emergency rental assistance to Minnesota families. Evictions are happening at historically high rates, with children experiencing some of the greatest harms from housing instability and poverty. From Duluth to Rochester to St Paul, families need ERA to prevent homelessness! Without state ERA funds, Minnesotans have nowhere to go for help. 

[tell your story – why is this important, why we need ERA now (we can’t wait)].

The vast majority of evictions are avoidable by providing families with assistance to pay the rent – fast-tracking emergency rental assistance is a win-win for renters and housing providers. Thank you!