The MHP Connection

Urban Homeworks benefits from the policy work of MHP in advocating for state and federal resources and other timely policy initiatives. This work is undertaken along with our nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental partners.

“It feels like my head is down most of the time doing whatever I can to take one more name off our 443-person wait list. I need to have people who have their head up on the policy level being the vigilant watchdogs on our behalf and warning us when toxic legislation is coming in the back yard.” –Chad Schwitters

In addition, MHP’s work raises public awareness of the need for and value of affordable housing.

About the Impact Spotlight

The Impact Spotlight celebrates the people and partnerships behind outstanding work in the fields of affordable housing and community development in Minnesota and across the nation. Through our work in capacity building and policy, MHP is proud to support the people and organizations you see featured here.