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Up Close with the June Board Meeting for MN Housing

Commissioner Tingerthal said that this time of the year was a favorite one for the Agency; it is during the application and closing period when agency staff get "up close and personal" with developers and their projects. Funds were approved for addressing homelessness, and the board discussed several mortgage programs issues in light of current markets.


Where'd the housing go? Tight markets for owners & renters

question-markMany of us have long been aware of the tight rental market in the Twin Cities, as well as across the state, as former owners have moved back into the rental market post-foreclosure. But more recently, we've been seeing a tightening of the ownership market, too. What exactly is going on here, and what does it mean for Minnesota when it's hard to find apartments and to buy homes?

We've been thinking about this and plotting out some numbers at MHP, but we'd also like to hear your thoughts. Please add your comments below.


June Roundup: Subtle Discrimination and other Resources

In a time of rising inequality, it's fitting that this month's resources roundup features two studies of disparate housing impacts on whites versus people of color. One finds that housing discrimination has declined over time, but persists in subtle yet impactful ways. Another finds that Minnesota households in areas with higher concentrations of people of color lost nearly three times more wealth per household than those in segregated white communities in 2012. Other resources reveal a surprising correlation between evictions and children, the concerns of rural Minnesotans, housing unaffordability for those with disabilities, and a linkage between high home rates and unemployment down the line.



Home Prices Are Up, But So Is Homelessness, Finds Latest 2x4 Report

hennepin homelessness q1 2013More families are finding themselves homeless, and for longer periods of time, according to MHP's latest 2x4 Report. While rising home prices are great news for homeowners, the report's data highlight disparate impacts for those with jobs and affordable housing, and for those without.


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Announcements on the Blog

Project for Pride in Living, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, MSR Architects, Watson Forsberg, and their partners were selected to participate in Phase II of the MN Challenge to Lower the Cost of Affordable Housing. Congrats!

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Impact Spotlight of the Month

Hawthorne EcoVillage

Minneapolis, MN

EcoVillage MURL House


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