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“The Space Between” – Interventions in unsubsidized rental housing market

mppiIn the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, unsubsidized rental comprises at least 57% of rental units affordable to households at or below 50% of area median income. Unsubsidized affordable properties, which include 120,000 units in the metro, provide more affordable housing than all privately owned subsidized rental properties combined. Even though the unsubsidized rental market functions without governmental or non-profit involvement, there exists room for interventions that could better preserve or create affordability in this market, or help ensure that cheaper units are rented out to low-income people, rather than to those who can afford more expensive units.


Minnesota Housing Board Meeting in July 2013

It was best not to have been late for the July Minnesota Housing board meeting; the closing gavel came less that 45 minutes from the meeting start. In this quick meeting, discussion ranged from efforts to keep HUD's Minneapolis multi-family office open, funding awards, and Met Council housing policy.


2013 County Profiles released: 97% of Counties Fall Short on Rental for Lowest Income Minnesotans

2013coprof thumbThe 2013 County Profiles, released this week, show that 97% of Minnesota's counties have more extremely low income renters than affordable apartments available to them. You can find out how your area stacks up by visiting the new profiles.

Tough conditions for renters are not limited to the Twin Cities, according to data in the 2013 County Profiles. In all but 3 counties, there are more extremely low income renters than there are affordable and available apartments to rent. Statewide, there are only 38 units of rental housing available for every 100 extremely low-income renters.


Summertime Roundup: First study on discrimination against same-sex couples and other resources

This resource roundup features a first-ever study on housing discrimination based on sexual orientation in the US. Other resources reveal distressing facts about rental markets for low-income families, recommendations for rental assistance programs, and an updated tool to calculate a modest living budget.


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Project for Pride in Living, the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, MSR Architects, Watson Forsberg, and their partners were selected to participate in Phase II of the MN Challenge to Lower the Cost of Affordable Housing. Congrats!

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