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Legislative Profiles detail housing statistics for each district

MHP released its Legislative District Profiles on Friday, February 7, which provide a powerful tool for legislators, advocates, and the general public to better understand housing issues within Minnesota. Each district has a two-page profile, which includes a 5 year overview of housing trends for the district, number of foreclosures for the district since 2005, and homelessness by region. The profiles also include statewide housing data for context.thumbnail

These profiles are created for House districts (ending in A or B). For Senate districts, share the A and B profiles together with your State Senator. Access all of the Legislative District Profiles here. The same link will help you find out who represents you and/or identify your district number.


City of Minneapolis Legislative Priorities include foreclosure stabilization policies and appropriations for affordable housing


Minnesota's largest city prioritized affordable housing and homelessness prevention in its 2014 legislative priorities adopted on December 6, 2013. In its priorities, Minneapolis specifically addressed the need for policies that prevent mortgage foreclosures, secure and reoccupy vacant and abandoned properties, and help stabilize communities that have suffered from foreclosures and abandonment. The city also strongly supports funding, including Housing Infrastructure Bonds for Minnesota Housing, at a level significant enough to have statewide impact on shelters, as well as permanent, supportive, assisted and transitional housing that serve affordable housing needs throughout the State.

Mayor Betsy Hodges has previously expressed support for the United for Homes campaign, which is a national effort to fund the National Housing Trust Fund with revenue raised from modifications to the mortgage interest deduction.


Metropolitan Council Thrive 2040 plan prioritizes housing policy updates

On January 27, Metropolitan Council Chair Susan Haigh delivered the annual State of the Region address for the Council, entitled An Equitable Future for our Region. As housing a


dvocates, we are excited that the Council has proposed updating its Housing Policy Plan for the first time in nearly 30 years, as outlined in its Thrive 2040 plan. A preliminary draft of the Thrive 2040 plan is now published for public review.

In her comments, Haigh listed housing as a top priority for the year, excerpted below:

"With the help of our partners, we must create real choices in housing for all our residents, across age, race and ethnicity, economic means, and ability.


Minnesota Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness prioritizes increased public investment

The Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness published the 56-page Heading Home: Minnesota Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness on 12/19/13, citing the need for increased investment in affordable housing and rental assistance. The plan contains 12 strategies to prevent and end homelessness in Minnesota.Homelessness Plan 2013-15

The first strategy identified in the plan is to pursue increased investments in affordable housing and rental assistance. This foundational strategy is echoed by the Homes For All coalition which requested $100 million in bonding for affordable housing during the upcoming session.

The report details how the need for affordable housing is great, citing that more than 10,000 Minnesotans are homeless on any given night, and another 248,000 pay more than half their income on housing. Minnesotans experiencing homelessness state that the number one reason they are homeless is that they cannot afford housing (Wilder interview data). Whereas the private market is guided by the laws of supply and demand, and will charge as much as it can for rent, Minnesotans need a safety net of affordable housing to provide for those whom the market doesn't serve.


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Announcements on the Blog

The Met Council is seeking comments on its Housing Policy Plan through September 26, 2014.

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2040 Transportation Policy Plan Draft Workshop, MET Council, 8/26-9/25, multiple locations

Public Hearing on Housing Policy Plan, MET Council, 9/15, St. Paul

Preservation through Energy Efficiency conference, National Housing and Rehabilitation Association, 9/15, Minneapolis.

Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless Annual Conference, Sep. 15-16, Rochester.

Public Hearing on Transportation Policy Plan, MET Council, 9/17, St. Paul

A Community Development Debate, Emerging Leaders in Community Development, 9/24, St. Paul.

Distinguish Your Work: Outreach or Community Engagement?, Building the Field of Community Engagement, 9/24, St. Paul

Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers 25th Anniversary, 10/8, Minneapolis.

Healthy & Housed: 5K Race for the Key, 10/11, Minneapolis

Janet Viveiros and Amy Clark of NHC for a free webinar Wednesday, July 23, 2 pm ET

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